Vancouver | March 2015

Ok, so obviously I'm not the greatest at the whole blogging thing since this is something I've wanted to blog for THREE YEARS *edit: FOUR YEARS, since I even let THIS sit in draft mode for an additional year….  Well, I stumbled across these pictures and am still so in love with this Canada vacation and the photos I created from it.  The details will be a little fuzzy but here we go, something I've wanted to do for SO LONG...welcome to my first travel blog post!


Vancouver, BC, Canada...what can I say besides just a total dream.  If I had a billion dollars and could move anywhere in the world this would defiantly be it.  I would have an apartment in the city and a little cottage somewhere in the woods.  But really, one of my favorite things about Vancouver is that you can be in a gorgeous coastal city one minutes, and then 10 minutes later you're walking in a serene forest next to an emerald river.  It's just remarkable. 

I'm getting ahead of myself...let's start at day one.


If I can remember correctly, this is Mt. Rainier from the plane!


The currency was pretty cool!  Has a transparent part.


Lunch destination.

Caldero's right on the water. We walked here from our hotel.


Our favorite coffee + tea place. Chemex coffee inspired by Breaking Bad!  My Dad would run down every morning to get him & my mom coffee & would always bring me a Cherry Blossom tea latte.  True love.

Next we went to the public market. This is one of my favorite places in the city.  It's a huge farmer's market, fresh produce, meats, goods place.  

We took the party outside where I proceeded to instruct my Dad on how to take the hipster picture I wanted of myself..


Then we wandered up the street for dinner, I think we had amazing ramen if I remember correctly. I also remember being glad I took my camera with us because I got such fun night shots!

I started the next day with a phone call to my then fiancé & by viewing the foggy morning bay.

Then we took the breathtaking 15 minute drive out of the city to an even more stunning destination…

My favorite part of Vancouver & one of my favorite spots in the whole world; Capalano Bridges. It’s the most magical, mystical, spot of luscious nature.

Like I said before, this place was literally a 15 minute drive out of the city. It’s like the best of both worlds. The city is clean & sleek & modern but there are also endless forest waiting just across the water. It’s such a dreamland…

The ring shot is my engagement ring that I had just gotten in December!

Next came the ACTUAL bridges :) They are SO darling. I need to live here. They are little huts & bridges in the woods. Very reminiscent of ewok villages.

Concluding this day, we drove around the city a little bit which gave me more opportunities to catch some evening street shots.

The next day, we rode bikes on the beach & through Stanley Park before we drove to our next destination. One of my favorite things about Canada is the native culture. They have beautiful & unique tribal designs featured in art all over & they also have these amazing totem poles.

The drive was snowy & foggy & all sorts of things my dreams are made of…

Our other destination was just a couple hours north in Kelowna. If you want to see our time in Kelowna where we tasted Ice Wine & hung out with Kangaroos…that’s coming next & I’ll link it for you when that’s ready. We had a good time, but Kelowna was not as enjoyable as Vancouver so we ended up traveling back to Vancouver early to spend a couple more days in *my paradise. We love Capalano Bridges so much we went back to explore more!

Of course we were also blessed with some rain that just bumped up the magic to a million. Rain drops settled on delicate pine needles & made the moss brighter. The smell was so sweet & musky. It was easy to get lost in the enchantment of the view because the sound of the roaring river drowned out all other thoughts.

Our trip had finally come to an end. I still dream about going back one day.