Get to Know Me

   Hey!  I'm Danielle Alexandra McBrayer (formerly Schultz).  I'm sure if you're on my site you have noticed by now that photography is what I do.  Not only do I do it...I love it.  It is my passion and my calling.  
  I started my photography business when I was a freshman in high school even though I knew nothing about business whatsoever.  Some may not even agree that I was running a business.  But I was making money because people admired my work.  I built my whole business through social media.  I believe in the future of marketing and advertising & that's why I'm a marketing major with a concentration in social media marketing. 
  In my spare time (if I can remember what that is), I like to craft, make art, travel, craft, & watch Netflix.  I am an adventurer at heart and am always planning the next trip.  I also spend a lot of my time creating products for my Easy store Wild Pine, which is home decor inspired by nature and the need to adventure.  
     My husband Ricky & I got married in June 2016!  I planned our wedding from "scratch" all by myself & had so much fun!  I now feel like since I was the bride, I can really relate to my wedding clients to help them get everything they dreamed of for their wedding day.  I am more than willing to step up and be more than just your photographer; I want to help you plan & be your friend.  I love weddings and everything to do with them!
     If you have any questions at all or just want to chat, send me a message! I can't wait to get to know you!

About photos by Dawn Charles